More open cycling data

Last week I enjoyed some extended winter by cycling in the winter cycling capital of the world, Oulu in Finland. I was invited to give a talk at the ITS-Oulu conference and decided to stay a bit longer to get acquainted to the city. My good friend Pekka Tahkola was for two days my guide in the city. He is not only an excellent guide for the city and big engine behind the MTB-cycling tours in national park Syöte, but he also has a great interest in mapping cycling related information. A good reason to share with you the current online sources for open cycling data in The Netherlands.
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Overview of year round cycling

1 Januari 2014: 46911 kilometres

1 Januari 2014: 46911 kilometres

This year I started with 56008 kilometres on my bike computer. It surprised me, as it was more than I expected. In 2014 I cycled 9097 kilometres, a distance roughly from Utrecht to Shanghai. I have cycled at various places in Australia, IndiaFinland, SwedenDenmark and London, but in these calculations those kilometres weren’t even included, nor the kilometres on my road racing bike and the Dutch bike sharing system OV-fiets. It was only my bike for everyday transport, which, I have to admit, I also use for bicycle holidays. To be precise: last years bicycle holidays were a week trip in the Netherlands along small farm campings and a three week cycle trip on abandoned railway lines and towpaths via Strasbourg to Basel, in total 1700 kilometres. Still, most kilometers were made close to home. Those many short trips to work, to the shops, to friends and family add up to an impressive number. For me a bicycle is part of everyday life, something the Netherlands is known for. Continue reading

Conference season

Last week the Danes held their National Cycling Conference. Not in Copenhagen, but in Randers, the town that was announced the cycle city of the year. I was invited as a keynote speaker, to deliver some insights about cycling in the Netherlands. The Danes took full advantage of me, by putting me 3 times in the program. A pleasure for me, as I like Denmark and the Danes and I want to continue our friendly battle being the best cycling countries in the world. Continue reading