A Summer of Cycling

Now that the Tour de France has also started again and Mattheu van de Poel is still wearing the yellow jersey, it’s time to release my big plan for this summer. Like many people who work in offices, I’ve spent the past year mostly at home. Working from home for the city of Utrecht and attending at international conferences from behind the desk. To stay in shape, I cycle around the house almost every day. Since March 15th last year I did almost 200 “corona commutes”. Luckily it remained allowed to go camping, even during the strictest period of lockdown. So I did a lot of camping in The Netherlands last year. But I want to broaden my horizons again.

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Break the grid, a week of ModeShift

Last week the ModeShift festival was organized in Winnipeg for the second time. I had the honor to be the guest of managing director Anders Swanson of Winnipeg trails all week to follow this thrilling week from close by. A week with many varied activities for a varied target group that does justice to the inhabitants of this Canadian city with brutal cycling circumstances. A week that I conclude with hope and excitement for a better future for active modes in Winnipeg.dav

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The friendly competition continues

At the end of the meteorological summer, @bijnanooit closed his 10 year practical research into getting wet during his cycling commute. He started his project based upon the idea that facts must convince people and recording his experiences Would help them to get tot he idea it almost never rains. Through media coverage during short wet periods, he gradually understood his message would have little impact on changing habits in commuter traffic. He is preaching to the choir, people who have been cycling see their confirmation by his data, while the non-cyclists mainly pay attention to @bijnanooit when it rains. Nevertheless, I welcome his efforts over the years and hope his website will remain available for future use. Many small stories like his can contribute to the big story about cycling as an happy and effective means of transport. Continue reading