A Summer of Cycling

Now that the Tour de France has also started again and Mattheu van de Poel is still wearing the yellow jersey, it’s time to release my big plan for this summer. Like many people who work in offices, I’ve spent the past year mostly at home. Working from home for the city of Utrecht and attending at international conferences from behind the desk. To stay in shape, I cycle around the house almost every day. Since March 15th last year I did almost 200 “corona commutes”. Luckily it remained allowed to go camping, even during the strictest period of lockdown. So I did a lot of camping in The Netherlands last year. But I want to broaden my horizons again.

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New year, new policies

Oliebollen in Utrecht

New Years Eve is the same day as “Old Year’s Day” as it is called in the Netherlands. The name says a lot about the point of view, do we have to look back, or shall we look forward? As my bicycles don’t have mirrors (well, my recumbent has one, but I only ride it twice per year), I prefer to look forward. So, I am looking forward and excited about what we will have for cycling in 2018!

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Dutch legacy of Velo-City

Wow, what a thrilling week! So many cycling friends gathered for one week in the best cycling country of the world. Still a bit fuzzy and impressed by the super organization, the best meetings and great cycling and dance fun, it is hard to draw final conclusions of the conference. Was it the pure joy of sharing the best examples of happy cities and happy people? Was it the the hand over of the EU cycling strategy? Hard to say. On the other hand there are some take-aways for the Netherlands that we can count already as the legacy of Velo-City. Continue reading