About Herbert Tiemens

Cycling is my passion, and I like to share it with you.

I learned to ride a bicycle at age of 6 (rather late for a Dutch boy), but never stopped using it. Nowadays cycling is not only a means of transport nor a hobby of me any more. I work for the Province of Utrecht as senior policy maker and contribute to national cycling policies. Before, I worked at the world famous and award winning city of Houten as traffic planner. I cooperate with the Dutch Cycling Embassy to bring the Dutch bicycle culture abroad on the basis of short-term lend. My specialties are integrated spatial plan development and complete street design. I like creating bicycle-friendly infrastructure and I am specially fond of the combination of public transport and cycling. In the past I worked for Fietsberaad Internationaal/ Dutch Cycling Embassy on ThinkBike workshops in Washington DC, Dublin, Tampere, Helsinki, Joensuu and Espoo for bicycle events in Tokyo, Miami, Bangalore, Tartu and Miskolc. I am also a regular speaker at conferences at home and abroad. I also cooperate with the local branch of Fietsersbond in my hometown, Driebergen.

All opinions on this site are my own.

11 thoughts on “About Herbert Tiemens

  1. LS, Voor de tourstart in Utrecht (2015) heb ik een kwartet- en kaartspel gemaakt met vragen over fietsen en de Grand Depart, met mooie foto’s van hotspots van de stad. Het bleek een groot succes! Echter we hebben nog een voorraad, leuk om weg te geven bij evenementen. Nu voor een gereduceerde prijs van 1.50 per spel (exclusief BTW en verzendkosten). Is dat wat voor jullie? Fijn weekend, Bert


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  4. Hi Herbert,

    We met and had dinner in Rotterdam, I hope you are well.

    I have a question, how in the Nederlands do you respond to concerns about cycling infrastructure and volume of cyclists especially around cycle parking from visually impaired residents?




  5. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your question. As you might have noticed we have a clear separation between pedestrian space and space for cycling. Usually this is done by a small curb, which is touchable by blind people. In case there is no “natural” guiding, there are guiding lines for visually impaired people to guide them to entrances and crossings. They also serve as a warning for cyclists not to place their bikes there. Despite these efforts we sometimes receive complaints, mostly of wild parked bicycles at shopping centers.
    In case you want to know more, mail me at herbert.tiemens@dutchcycling.nl


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