Testing a speed pedelec

This Friday I tested with some partners a speed pedelec. The bikes were kindly provided by Juizz, a company specializing in electric assist bicycles and electric mopeds. We tested two Blue label Cruiser NuVinci, and a Strömer ST2, a real power bike. They both assist cycling to 45 km/h and multiple the power you deliver to maximum four.

Line up in front of Juizz

Line up in front of Juizz

We started at the showroom in Utrecht and weaved in and out the busy bicycle traffic. This is part of a route I regularly take from my workplace to the office of the city of Utrecht. As I am often late, I am used to ride this with a 30km/h speed, which is quite challenging with unpredictable behavior of cyclists and pedestrians. Riding a speed pedelec was even more challenging, my heart rate was lower as normal with the same speed, but the demand for attention was at the same level. The acceleration at traffic lights was fabulous, but the number of traffic lights limited the average speed in the city a lot.

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