OV-fiets everywhere

Today we opened another depot of OV-fiets in the Netherlands. The small city Vianen is now connected to the Dutch public bike system. As most rentals of OV-fiets are made at railway stations, the system is spreading to major bus hubs and other logical points in cities. Vianen is a good example of this policy. 

photo OV-fietsVianen doesn’t have a trainstation, it was to expensive to build a railwayline in the 19th century to connect Breda to Utrecht. This line would have to cross the main rivers in the Netherlands. Until today the debate is running of adding the railway line to the Dutch network. As a replacement of a trainstation, Vianen has a busstation at the highway. Not an ideal situation, both directions are separated by a barrier and a walk, in the evening you are dropped of 400 meters away from the place you started your yourney. To make it more pleasant for incoming traffic, in between is the OV-fiets depot located. Busses to and from Vianen are running frequent, but the bus is not a door-to-door solution in Vianen itself. The OV-fiets fills the gap.

The OV-fiets depot in Vianen is a selfservice depot, giving acces to 24 bicycles, 24/7. The depot was financed by Bestuur Regio Utrecht, the operating cost of the OV-fiets system are paid by the users of the facilities. At the picture Kees van Dalen (deputy of Bestuur Regio Utrecht, right) congratulates Andre Landwehr (deputy major of Vianen) with the opening of OV-fiets in his city.


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