Accessible leisure cycling

Two weeks ago the Dutch bureau of tourism and congresses and the Dutch Cycle platform announced 2014 as the year of the bicycle. Behind windmills, tulips and Amsterdam, tourists find cycling one of the most attractive things in the Netherlands. As the website states:  Continue reading

10 mistakes of the Dutch and the Danes

Together with Niels Tørsløv (head of the planning department of the City of Copenhagen) I gave a workshop “Trouble in paradise”, 10 mistakes of the Dutch and the Danes at the Velo-City conference in Vienna. The workshop was highly appreciated, more than 120 people turned up. The official Velo-City photographer made some nice pictures.

picture of me and Niels

Niels and me during the workshop (picture by Laura Kok).

It was a great challenge to present the mistakes that we usually not talk openly about. Continue reading

OV-fiets everywhere

Today we opened another depot of OV-fiets in the Netherlands. The small city Vianen is now connected to the Dutch public bike system. As most rentals of OV-fiets are made at railway stations, the system is spreading to major bus hubs and other logical points in cities. Vianen is a good example of this policy.  Continue reading