Traffic skills for pupils

Traffic skills for pupils

Yesterday we organised the yearly traffic test for pupils in Driebergen, my home town. Almost all 10 year old children in Driebergen take part in this voluntarily test. Passing the test is not required to take part in traffic as a cyclist, but it raises confidence with the children, and their parents. Continue reading

Start of a blog

Today I started a blog about my cycling adventures in the Netherlands. A way to keep in touch with all those great people I’ve met during the last years all over the world. From Tokyo, to Dublin and Vancouver, so many wonderful people are working on a better world, with cycling as a main theme. I’d like to add my little contribution to this community, by sharing my adventures and thoughts about cycling. Cycling in the Netherlands, on the internet, but also abroad. Let me know what you like about this blog, which subjects I should elaborate and how this blog can contribute to your work.